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Notice to Members

The nominations for Branch 480 Executive positions are now open as of Tuesday, 17 April General Meeting and will remain open until 1800 hrs on Monday 14th May. The nominations will close at that time and reopen with nominations from the floor during the Branch elections held as part of the General Meeting 1930 hrs on Tuesday 15th May 2018.

The nominations board, with nomination forms including full instructions are posted in the upper lounge of Br 480. There is no electronic voting or an advance poll. You must fill out the nominations form which is then validated to confirm eligibility and membership prior to being installed on the actual nominations board by the Membership Chairman.

Membership is directed to visit the nominations board, you canít miss it, in the upper lounge.

Remember, the people that you nominate will be your leadership to enact the recommendations coming out of the Board of Management and to set the course for Br 480 into the future, nominate wisely.