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Treasurer and Ways and Means Committee

Fiduciary is a legal term that means you are in a position of trust.

Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money for another person. A fiduciary relationship exists when a person or group, such as the Legion membership, places complete confidence in the Executive for the transaction of its general affairs or business. Executive members act primarily on behalf of the membership. The Executive has responsibility for the funds entrusted to the Legion on behalf of its funders.

Therefore, the Executive must act in good faith, trust and confidence and exercise high standards of care in managing the affairs of the Legion. All Executive members share in this fiduciary responsibility.

In this section of our website we will regularly update our membership on the financial health of our Legion.

Monthly Reports - Treasurer's & Ways and Means Committee
Treasurer's and Ways & Means Committee Reports for May 23 2017
Treasurer's and Finance Committee Reports for May 2017
Ways and Means Committee Report for May 2017
RCL 480 Budget draft by line item, business line and cash flow analysis - XLS

Budget 2017-2018 - Powerpoint Presentation

Draft budget 2017-2018 - Appendix A
Treasurer's and Finance Committee Reports for April 2017
Treasurer's Report for March 2017