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How to Join

New members
Legion membership runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Discounted rates are offered to members that join after July 1st and September 1st. You can pick up the forms and any information you need by visiting our upstairs lounge any afternoon, by calling us or download the form here.

Current branch members
Our membership renewal drive begins in September, and we have an early bird rate for those who renew by Nov. 30. Early Bird renewals are also entered into a draw for a future year's membership.

Membership transfers
If, for any reason, you want to transfer your membership to our branch, we can provide you with an application-for-transfer form.

Information for Canadian Forces members
If you’re currently serving in Canada’s Armed Forces, you can become a Legion member-at-large

Once you retire, you can transfer your membership to your local branch.

Reinstating membership
If your Legion membership has lapsed, we’ll gladly welcome you back. Call our branch for more information.

Membership in the Ladies’ Auxiliary
The Ladies’ Auxiliary Association (LA), a national nonprofit organization operating separately from the Legion, supports our mission and goals. Not all branches have an LA with its own executives and committees, but the Westboro Legion does. Our Ladies’ Auxiliary members provide a number of vital services, from running the kitchen in the downstairs hall to holding events, such as euchre tournaments and teas. If you’re interested, give us a call.

Joining is a straightforward process
You can download the application form ou la demande d'adhésion or pick up a copy at our branch. Some categories may require documentation, and we can let you know what you need. We’ll help you fill out your form, and once it’s complete, you submit it to us.

After the paperwork is processed, and our branch executive has approved your application, you will be asked to come to the next general meeting so you can take part in an initiation ceremony. When the officiating officer shakes your hand at the end, he or she will hand you a new member's packet. The Sergeant of Arms then marches you back to you seat to join your new comrades.

You are now a member of the Royal Canadian Legion with all its privileges. You can go pretty much anywhere in this great land, walk in to the local branch, and chances are you’ll find a home away from home.

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