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The Royal Canadian Legion has changed a lot since it was first set up following World War I. Although we began as an exclusive club for veterans, most Canadians can meet our basic membership requirements:

  • Canadian citizenship or citizen of a Commonwealth or allied country
  • Minimum age depends on the branch location (provincial age of majority).

You can join the Legion at large or belong to a branch.

Contact us at We’ll give you the current membership dues cost, help you determine the membership category that’s right for you, provide you with an application form, and help you fill it out. At any stage, we’ll happily answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, you can obtain more information on membership categories and more in the Legion’s Membership Manual.

Membership Application Form - English - Français This form is fillable online. Once filled in, you can e-mail the form to  our Membership Chair, by clicking on the *envelope* icon at the top left of the form. Follow the instructions to e-mail *the form, not the link* and cut and paste, into your e-mail client and press send.

By joining us, you’ll help make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. You’ll be part of an organization dedicated to providing essential services within our communities, including veterans’ and seniors’ support services, programs for cadets and youth, and much more. The Legion gives so much to our country and our communities, and by joining you give too.

Categories of membership

Ordinary – serviceman or woman, veteran (military or RCMP), some non-military services

Associate – includes relative of a person eligible for ordinary membership

Affiliate (voting) – proof of relevant citizenship

Affiliate (non-voting) – proof of relevant citizenship

Visit the Royal Canadian Legion website for more membership details and/or follow the links below.