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Branches are almost entirely run by volunteers, and Legionnaires are the lifeblood of the organization. From service to the country, to service to the community, Legion members impact the lives of their fellow citizens, in particular Veterans, seniors and youth.

Chances are, you or someone you know has volunteered with or has been involved in programs and activities offered through your local Legion branch. All this good work we do would not be possible without the support of our hardworking and dedicated volunteers.

Week 23  

Steven Dieter has a long history of supporting the Veterans of Westboro Legion.

When asked to step in and help out, he always says yes.

Thank-you Steven for all that you do to support your community.

Week 22 Week 21

Bob Croziers is an active volunteer at the Westboro Legion fulfilling a number of volunteer positions over the year. 

The one thing they all had in common was they were positions that supported our community veterans and their needs. 

Thank-you Bob!

This is Henrietta Crosier, one of the many faces of friendly volunteers you will meet at the Westboro Legion.

Thank you Henrietta for all that you do to support Veterans.

Week 20 Week 19

Phil Whitehead has volunteered in virtually all areas of the Westboro Legion.

He is an ambassador for all things Legion and has spent many hours volunteering his time and energy in support of Veterans.

Thank you Phil!

If you have ever been to the Westboro Legion, then chances are you have met Ruby McKinney. 

She is the first one to welcome you to the Legion and introduce you to others. 

Ruby helps out at special events and dances and greets everyone with that smile. 

Thank you Ruby!

Week 18 Week 17

This week's Spotlight on Volunteers is in recognition of all our Volunteers.

Some we see daily, some we see once and a while, and some we rarely see. However, we want each of you to know that your work in supporting our Veterans does not go unnoticed.

On Tuesday May 29th we are hosting a volunteer appreciation event in recognition of our many volunteers.

Thank you for caring and remembering.

Josephine McCoy-Loeper is one of those special people who is always quietly working in the background and having a huge impact on Veterans.

Thank-you Josephine for giving from the heart and making so many people smile.


Week 16 Week 15

Vianna McCloskey is one of the Westboro Legion’s long-time volunteers.

She is known to be able to organize a special event for our members with short notice and knows how to bring people together for a good time, enjoying food, music, friendship and fun.

Thank you Vianna for giving so much to so many.

Orrin Kerr is a longtime volunteer of the Westboro Legion, holding various Executive positions, volunteering at many special events, and organizing many parades for the Legion.

Thank you Orrin for all that you do for Veterans.

Week 14 Week 13

Laurie Cody is an active member of our Ladies Auxiliary and a busy volunteer who gives generously of her time. 

Over the years she has served many cadets with her famous hotdogs. 

 Thank you Laurie for all that you do to support your Legion and Veterans.


Doris Jenkins is a Field Dame of the Order of St. George, long-time member of Branch 480 and a well-known volunteer and supporter of the Westboro Legion.

She is not shy to tell you her opinions and has a passion for serving her fellow Veterans.

Thank you Doris for always putting us first.

< Seen here at her investiture ceremony.

Week 12 Week 11

Kyle Ryc (second from left), is widely known in the Westboro area.

Not only is he known for his coffee, he is one of our much-liked Westboro Legion volunteers who is regularly seen helping out at just about every event the Legion hosts.

Thank you Kyle for all that you do for our Veterans and for our community.

We appreciate it!

This week’s Volunteer in the Spotlight has no photo. There is a good reason for that. The Volunteer in the Spotlight is André Ouellette who contributes untold number of volunteer hours to the Westboro Legion on a weekly basis as our multi-talented webmaster and editor-extraordinaire.

He is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to support our Veterans and to promote the contribution of Legions to their communities.

You see, André does not just take care of the Westboro Legion’s website, he also looks after websites for Zone and all but 1 of the other Legions in Ottawa.

So why no picture? Well, we have never really seen André. He does all his work virtually.

Thank you for making our community stronger and always putting your heart into everything you do André.

Week 10 Week 9

Shirley and Doug Munroe have a long history of volunteering in a wide variety of capacities all in support of Veterans and the Westboro Legion.

 Thank you Shirley and Doug, for all that you have done and continue to do for your Legion and your community.

You make a difference!

Patrick Warner is passionate about his volunteer work supporting community Veterans. He is a Veteran himself and that just motivates him further to give back to his community.

He's an active member of the Westboro community and he spends much of that time dealing with all things financial at the Westboro Legion.

If you have ever been into the Westboro Legion, chances are you met this big-hearted volunteer, working hard to make things better for all Veterans.

Thank you Pat for all that you do. It's much appreciated!

Week 8 Week 7

Marion Blair is President of the Ladies Auxiliary and long-time volunteer at the Westboro Legion.

She is known by many for her dedication to and support for veterans in our community and at the Westboro Legion.

Volunteers such as Marion are the life-blood of the Legion. We couldn't do what we do without them.

Thank you for all that you do Marion!

It does not go un-noticed.

Westboro Legion's Public Relations Officer, James "Dean" McCuaig, (yes he was named after *that* James Dean), is the guy that tells the world about what we do at the branch. He administers 480's Facebook and Twitter pages, puts out our e-Blast and keeps in touch with local media.

He has a great passion for his work in promoting the interests and well-being of our Veterans. When he's not volunteering his time and talent at the branch, his day job has him working at Military Family Services.

One senior Legion member said it best when he told me, "Dean McCuaig is absolutely awesome".

Thanks Dean, you're making a difference!

Week 6 Week 5

Chris Murphy is our Service Officer.

He cares a great deal about taking care of our members.

Chris is active on several committees at the Legion and is known to be a solid and steady support to our members.

If you are a Veteran and need assistance, then Chris Murphy is the guy to contact.

Thank you Chris, for all you do for our branch and our Veterans.

Mention the name Coleene Foley and everyone agrees that she is every bit the Legionaire.

A Longstanding member, former President and avid volunteer, she is a friend to everyone, has a great sense of humour and a passion for her volunteer work, she is respected by everyone.

Coleene has many friends in the music industry and that has helped her bring many of them to our branch to entertain us.

Thank you, Coleene. For all you do, the Spotlight's on YOU!

Week 4 Week 3

This week, the spotlight shines on our own Helen Flaherty.

She is an avid volunteer at the Legion and gives her time freely. She takes amazing photos, which get used by the branch and several have been seen in Legion Magazine.

Helen has recently volunteered to help sort and digitally preserve many of the photos in storage at the branch.

Helen has a wicked sense of humour and is loved by all.

Thanks Helen! 480 is lucky to have you.

Greg Murphy is Branch 480's Mr. Fix-It, making or arranging for any needed repairs to the building.

He is one of the co-ordinators of the Pool League and plays an instrumental role in pool tournaments that generate revenue for the branch.

He also has volunteered to help with other money-making initiatives, including helping out with such entertainment events as the Trivia Challenge for Charity.

Thanks Greg! for all you do for Branch 480!

Week 2 Week 1

Evelyn Brunton is, among many other things, our Branch Piper. She creates many of our event posters, gets them printed and distributes them. She designs the hard-copy Events Calendar for distribution and takes great photos of our events, that she posts on her FB page. She is quite heavily involved in the annual Poppy Campaign, is passionate about the Legion and its objectives and cares deeply about our Veterans.

Thank you Evelyn! You make 480 a better place!

Recently, a pool tournament was held at our Branch. Through the efforts of its co-ordinator and its participants, $534.00 was raised for the Branch.

We turn the spotlight on Claudine Wilson and company (Greg Murphy, Lynda Mercier, Barclay Dupuis, Cindy Cline and the other pool league and weekend pool players who supported the initiative)and thank them all for their very generous donation and their on-going efforts to making 480 a better place for us all.