We are The Guardians of Remembrance



Poppy Campaign

Did you know?

As a sign of respect, some place their poppies at the base of the cenotaph at the end of the Remembrance Day ceremony.

You should wear your poppy close to your heart: http://www.legion.ca/honour-remember/the-poppy-campaign/

The poppy was first adopted as a symbol of Remembrance in 1921.

The poppy is Ö

  • A symbol of our collective reminiscence.
  • A pledge to always remember those who fell serving us.
  • A small but mighty symbol of our gratitude.
  • A promise to never forget those who sacrificed so much.

Wearing lapel poppies to express our gratitude to those who sacrificed so much for their country is an enduring Canadian tradition.

The Royal Canadian Legionís annual Poppy Campaign begins on the last Friday in October, this year 30 October, and continues to the 10th day of November. Itís our major fundraiser, and all donations made help us ensure that veterans in need will not be abandoned.

 Each year, our branch sets up tables with poppies & donation boxes at various sites within our boundaries. However, due to risk of covid-19, this year our only table will be at the Carlingwood Shopping Centre to distribute the iconic red flower of Remembrance. All donations go to
Westboro Legion Poppy Trust Fund & will be used exclusively for Veterans in need.


Like to offer individual commemoration to the memory of your fallen with a wreath?

Call us at 613-725-3475 (mornings) or 613-725-2778 (afternoons).

Or email rcl480@rogers.com.

Poppy trays

Interested in having a poppy tray at your place of business?  Check the RCL 480 boundaries below and contact us if youíre within them.

Your poppy donations make a difference

Poppy funds are held in trust in a bank account separate from the branch general funds and cannot be used for any purpose other than those stipulated. These uses include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting veterans and their families with the such necessities of life as food and shelter;
  • Providing comforts to veterans and their widows/widowers when they are hospitalized, in long-term care facilities, and in nursing homes;
  • Setting up educational bursaries for veteransí children and/or grandchildren;
  • Funding medical research and training;
  • Operating Legion service bureau offices that help veterans deal with various bureaucracies.

Whether or not they are Legion members, all ex-servicemen and women and/or their dependents are eligible to apply for financial aid from Westboro Legion, branch 480.

This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions on the size of public gatherings and other safety protocols, we will not be able to hold our usual 11 o'clock Remembrance Day service at the Carlingwood Mall or our ceremony at the Westboro Cenotaph, traditionally held at 2 p.m. Instead, we will conduct and tape a ceremony with a small number of participants (no spectators) at our branch and will share a link to the video on our website on November 11.

For the last few years there has been an informal gathering of people at the cenotaph at 11:00 who conduct their own unscripted service. Since gatherings have been restricted to 25 people outdoors with physical distancing of 6 ft in force, it may be preferable to watch the service on television from the National cenotaph in downtown Ottawa. Heavy fines up to $10,000 are possible where numbers greater than 25 are seen. Always, Remembering can be done anywhere you are at 11 a.m. on November 11th with the observance of 2 minutes of silence. Thank you for caring.  

Branch Boundaries

Northern Boundary: The Ottawa River from Oakley St. on the west to Island Park Drive on the east.

Eastern Boundary: Island Park Drive [west side] from the Ottawa River south to Merivale Road, along Merivale Road [west side] to Baseline Road.

Southern Boundary: Baseline Road [north side] from Morrison Drive to Merivale Road and all businesses fronting the south side of Baseline Road from Merivale Road to Fisher Ave.

Western Boundary: The former Ottawa/Nepean boundary from the Ottawa River to Baseline Road.

Click here to see all of the branch boundaries for Zone G-5.