We are The Guardians of Remembrance



Results of the 34th National Annual Remembrance Day Poster & Literary Contest

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Youth Programs

Legions throughout Canada sponsor youth programs that include sports, cadet corps, scouts, leadership training and Remembrance activities. Our programs are designed to help youth learn an appreciation for teamwork, leadership, duty and most importantly, Remembrance.


The Legion provides bursaries for post-secondary students, including those involved in courses and training programs of a technical and vocational nature. Visit the Ontario Command website for details on this bursary program. The application form also can be obtained from our or any other Legion branch or college/university.


The Westboro Branch wholeheartedly
supports  the Canadian Cadet Corps.

We're proud to support three local Cadet units. In order of seniority of the Services, they are:


As one of our primary goals, fostering Remembrance is a part of everything we do. Thanks to the longstanding tradition of the Annual Literary and Poster Contests, we have been able to involve Canadian school children in helping us to promote not only the National Remembrance Day Service, but also the act of honouring our military heritage. Deadlines for entries in the Poster and Literary Contests are determined by the local Legion branches. Please contact us for details.

Ontario Command also invites students to take part in a Public Speaking Contest and a Remembrance Video Contest.